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How To Promote ID-Badge-Wearing-Culture in Your Organization

How To Promote ID-Badge-Wearing-Culture in Your Organization

Do you work in an organization that values wearing ID badges every day to the office? We must have gotten used to the hybrid work culture but are we used to wearing the office ID card every day?

Wearing ID badges to the office can offer a lot of benefits such as improving the credibility of the company that you are working with, especially while communicating with your customers face-to-face. Wearing ID badges can bring a sense of professionalism and most importantly they enhance security in the workplace. The benefits are profound for any company to start wearing the ID badges and promote the culture even more.

So, let’s look at a few effective ways to encourage employees to wear ID badges regularly to the office.

Set an example

If you want to bring a good change to your work culture, you can start by following it yourself. By wearing the ID badge every day to the office and greeting them with a smile on your face, it can for sure encourage others to wear their ID badges. Understand how well the management can also participate in promoting the culture of wearing ID badges. Once the leaders wear them, others would also follow.  Sometimes all you need to do to inspire others is to show them how much difference a small thing can bring into the work culture.

Share the benefits

Sometimes we tend to forget how crucial ID cards can be. Conduct a session with everyone in the organization and highlight the importance of ID badges. With this information and encouragement to wear the badges, you will see some of the employees wearing the badges, gradually followed by other employees.  Some employees might not have given much thought about the values of ID cards which might be why they forget or not consider to wear them. Inform them about the benefits, show them videos with valuable content that signifies the updated security features that ID cards have these days.

Chuck the boring looking ID badges

The traditional ID cards can sometimes be very plain, lacking the amount of creativity that today’s modern ID badges have. To make them look interesting, you can add some aesthetically pleasing yet minimalistic fonts, colors, and designs. Work along with your design team that can share their suggestions to improve the look of the badges. Employees will want to wear the badges every day if they look more interesting.

Customize them

To make the IDs more interesting, you can bring out some unique features of the employees and highlight them on the cards. The features can include the employees’ achievements, record-breaking goals, or even personality traits. You can also give them options such as ID cards with chains, or a clip or lanyards with the company logo and other basic information. This would encourage the employees to show off their unique IDs to everyone.

Rewards schemes

Create rewards schemes and encourage those who are wearing the badges every day. It can be anything from a small gift to going out for lunch with them. Or you can start by informing everyone that you are inviting them for a lunch party on condition that they wear the ID badges.

Try out these ideas and inspire your organization! What are your plans on promoting the culture?

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