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Lotte Corporation Deploys Box Company-Wide for Digital Transformation and Business Growth

Lotte Corporation Deploys Box Company-Wide for Digital Transformation and Business Growth

Box, Inc. (NYSE: BOX), the leading Content Cloud, today announced that Lotte Corporation has adopted Box company-wide to enhance collaboration and communication as a key pillar of its Digital Transformation program. The box will help Lotte strengthen its information governance by enabling secure content collaboration both inside and outside the company.

Macro trends accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic required a more rapid change in working styles to meet the company’s ever-changing market and customer needs. In addition, to reach the next stage of business growth, it became necessary to fundamentally change its way of working. This included the need to increase information governance and security, improve communication among employees, and create an environment where operational efficiency and innovation could thrive.

To achieve this, Lotte retired its legacy, cumbersome, and costly IT systems, replacing them with a cloud-first infrastructure that can quickly respond to changes in the business. Lotte also developed a new IT system that supports its next phase of growth, with a particular focus on its collaboration and communication infrastructure.

Communication is fundamental to business growth and operational efficiency at Lotte, and it was essential to enable highly secure collaboration between business units. In addition to the company’s existing Chromebooks and Virtual Desktops, Lotte has now also adopted several microservice cloud technologies and integrated them with Box to develop a sophisticated infrastructure used across the entire company.

Furthermore, new work styles emerging in the post-pandemic world raise security concerns, such as unauthorized access to information. To enable the most advanced information governance and security for all its content, Lotte has chosen Box company-wide for cloud content management.

To continue to respond quickly to changes in the market and to meet customer needs, Lotte will advance its Digital Transformation program by increasing its use of Box and other best-of-breed integrated applications. This will improve its employees’ productivity and efficiency, and ultimately grow its global business.

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