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More People Support Local Business During Mother’s Day

More People Support Local Business During Mothers Day

Holidays are getting back to normal, starting with Mother’s Day!

This is the first weekend in turquoise for Bernalillo County and after a whole year cooped up, business owners are seeing more support from locals on days like today.

One local artist from RBL Jewelers said, “A lot of it has been Mother’s Day gifts these last few days.”

He says they are happy to be back.

“We’re here to serve our community Albuquerque, New Mexico.”

Throughout the pandemic a lot of people have been trying to help keep local business afloat.

Sarah Wasson said, “I love to support local, I love to help out people support themselves and it’s a wonderful thing to have that community who does come together and does that.

On this sunny Mother’s Day, this jeweler can vouch for the support.

RBL Jewelers said, “A lot of our clientele have been locals because they are thankful we are just back out and making local jewelry.”

For other people simply going out after being at home so long because of the pandemic is a refreshing change.

Isabel Garica said she enjoys walking and “Seeing other people walking around and enjoying the day and then the music.”

Because of updated guidelines people are pulling off the masks at times… while still being cautious.

Garcia said, “I myself definitely do, but off and on. But being at the park if we stay our distance it gives a bit more relaxation.”

Relaxation and time to celebrate with loved ones.

“My granddaughter called me and said she had a present for me and I told her I was here at Old Town Plaza. And she dropped by and she gave me a beautiful gift of flowers and the balloon and a wonderful card.”

The mask guidelines now allow vaccinated people a bit more freedom to take off their mask outdoors but everyone should wear them at all times indoors.

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