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Restaurants and Other Businesses Can Start Applying For ‘Revitalization Fund’

Restaurants and Other Businesses Can Start Applying For Revitalization Fund

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Over the past year, Ohio’s restaurant industry has been shattered by the pandemic. Now, these small businesses are slowly making a comeback. And there’s new relief on the way with nearly $29 billion up for grabs.

Terry Bolden, the acting district director for the Small Business Administration office in Columbus, says the ‘Restaurant Revitalization Fund‘ is aimed at helping small businesses.

“It’s a grant which businesses apply for. And some of the eligible businesses include caterers, bars, saloons, taverns and restaurants. It’s an easy application process and there are three ways to apply,” Bolden said.

He says restaurants can apply online by going to restaurants.sba.gov or use the hotline 1-844-279-8898.

He also says the SBA has teamed up with several national companies such as Square, Toast, Clover, and NCR to help businesses receive the grant.

And as long as the money is used for specific expenses, it won’t have to be paid back.

“Some of those expenses include utilities, mortgages, supplies, and equipment, outdoor seating, and construction upgrade,” said Bolden.

Restaurants can apply for up to 10 million dollars in aid. Businesses can start applying on Monday, May 3rd.

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