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Tango Brings Personalized Content With New ‘for You’ Feature

Tango Brings Personalized Content With New ‘for You’ Feature

Tango, the popular live-streaming app, has recently released a new user guide being hailed as a “breakthrough technology” within the company. Sources from within indicate that the inspiration for this technology came from another social media company – TikTok. While TikTok brings curated and edited videos to its users, Tango is personalizing the Livestream experience – the “right here right now” content – using an advanced tech algorithm.

This new tech is the Streamer Recommendation System or SRS for short. The SRS’ superior algorithm can provide over 100,000 suggestions per minute in less than a tenth of a second per recommendation.

Before the unveiling of this new technology, Tango CEO Uri Raz declared, “Our number one priority has always been providing the best possible live streaming experience, both for our users and our invaluable artists. This technology is just one of many advanced steps that we are taking to make sure that Tango creators can turn their talents into an income. We have no doubt that live streaming is the future of content production and distribution, and the Streamer Recommendation System is a crucial part of that.”

Preliminary data shows that the system is already a success for both viewers and streamers – increasing Tango user activity and streamer revenue significantly. Users are now more than twice as likely to give gifts, with gift amounts increasing by 110%. This falls in line with Tango’s stated goal of creating an online community where artists around the world can easily monetize their art and earn a living.

When asked, Tango users expressed significant excitement about this most recent technological development. With one user stating, “The feature is great! It’s amazing how quickly Tango can customize the content, while live! I’m enjoying this new version very much and appreciate the Tango team for always staying ahead on tech!”

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