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7 Best Squarespace Templates for Small Business Owners


All small business owners must be aware of the importance of advertising. Along with building a business, it is essential to get the word out there about it. A website is a big part of it. 

Choosing the design and kind of website you want is a vital process. Squarespace with plans starting from $14 is one of the favorites of small business owners. 

What Is a Squarespace Template?

Squarespace is a platform that provides all-in-one solutions related to websites. A Squarespace template is a ready-to-use and pre-designed web design for different purposes. This is helpful as the user does not have to build a web design from scratch. 

The user can also make changes to the template according to them. The changes can be in color, size, pages, fonts, and drag-and-drop elements. 

7 Best Squarespace Templates for Small Business Owners

There are plenty of Squarespace templates available on the platform. Whether the user needs one for marketing, advertisement, proposal, or social media they are all covered. This is the best go-to spot for all small business owners. Self-employed people are aware of the importance of such a platform. 

1. Maca 

This one is known to be the best for online business stores. It is a classic one that makes your online business look professional. The main feature of this one is that the user can set up featured collections. It also has a navigation bar with many options. 

2. Flatiron 

Flatiron is the best pick for an artist looking for a template. The advantage the user has over here is that the image is arranged in a grid. This gives a good overview of the user’s work. Captions and descriptions can be added to the images. 

3. Quincy 

This is a perfect choice for event photographers. It is good for advertising your previous works to get new clients. Also, it would help the user to display and attract more clients. It is user-friendly and displays large images. 

4. Growwell 

It is specially designed for the course creators. Its interface is straightforward with good space for images and texts. There is a dedicated press section that attracts the attention of the viewer. 

5. Atlantic 

This one is a great fit for any restaurant as it has a rotating image gallery for a 360-degree view. Also, it has a space for making reservations which is vital as a restaurant template. Its interface looks great on mobile too. 

6. Colima 

Colima is great for some business that needs people to make appointments. It has a classy-looking design with many pages. The pages can be used to describe your business in detail to attract clients. 

7. Suhama 

This one is the best option for any freelance writer who wants to make a portfolio. It makes sure that your written work is being noticed. It is easy to scroll with one single page. 


The kind of a template you should choose totally depends upon the type of small business you own. You can try recommended templates and see what works out for you.

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